Job Seekers

Whether you’re looking for something short-term, long-term or permanent, OnPoint Recruiting Inc. is here to guide you, every step of the way. We work assiduously with employers and precisely screen jobs that best match your qualifications; it’s our way of raising the bar in your job search.

After all, happier employees produce better results in the workplace, which is why we work with you and employers to create a harmony you can both come to appreciate and benefit from.

Application Process

Step 1: Select From One of Our Wide Array of Jobs on the Job Listings Page That You May Be Interested In

Step 2: Submit Your Resume

Step 3: Complete the Employee Application Form

Step 4: Come In For An Interview

Step 5: If Qualified, All Applicants are Required to Complete Health and Safety Training

We Cover the Following


All government liabilities (Employment Insurance [EI], Canadian Pension Plan [CPP], Workers Safety Insurance Coverage [WSIB], etc.)

Statutory Holidays

We cover all statutory holidays; they're bundled in with our quotes, so rest easy!

Vacation Pay

4% vacation pay is paid depending on the amount of hours worked.

Overtime Pay

If an employee has worked more than 44 hours a week, overtime is billed one and half times.