We at OnPoint Recruiting Inc. can provide employers seeking quality output in their operations by ensuring each of our clients is provided the best suited candidates to satisfy their needs. Without any compromises, our team will work tirelessly to ensure your goals are not only reached, but are done so with the highest level of service quality and efficiency. OnPoint Recruiting Inc. is available 24/7 to answer any inquiries, or to resolve any staffing concerns that may arise. Recognizing the dynamic nature of your industry, we are capable of providing you with the most suitable employees who will ensure productivity and success, at a minutes notice.

Our screening and employment procedure is unmatched, ensuring all your staffing requirements are met by a quality of skilled candidates. Eligibility to work in Canada, criminal check, health records, mental, physical and stress tests, and an array of certifications are just a few levels of our thorough screening procedure. Our team will ensure all the necessary securities and checks are in place prior to matching you with the most appropriate and skilled candidates. Further information on our thorough hiring procedure can be found in the Employee Screening Process section of the site, within the Employers tab.

Employers can rest assured, and completely count on our dedicated team to ensure their staffing requirements are dealt with the utmost urgency and dedication. OnPoint Recruiting Inc. will ensure your objectives, and staffing requirements are met, in a timely manner.

Career Opportunities Available

Accounts Payable & Receivable
Administrative Bakery Worker
Construction Worker
Customer Service Representative
Data Entry
Dock Worker
Drivers (AZ/DZ/G)
Forklift Operator
General Labour
Inventory Control
Lead Hand/Supervisor
Light Assembling
Light Industrial
Line Worker
Machine Operator

Material Handler
Metal Polisher
Order Picker
Power Coating
Production Worker
Quality Control
Receptionists/Switch Board
Skilled Trades
Warehouse Production
Warehouse Management

Services We Provide

Permanent Recruitment

Full-Time/Permanent employment means a near perpetual commitment to your business, so rest assured that we only proceed with the most qualified, committed employees for your business. Our stringent screening protocols, coupled with our in-depth reference checks, ensure that your risk-reward chasms are greatly reduced. We take care of the difficult side of things, so you can generate a greater ROI (Return on Investment) through your workforce.

Temporary Staffing

Contract/Temporary Staffing – We understand that not everybody can commit to permanent employment, while some industries simply don’t offer it — that’s why our short-term employment options are just the right fit for those who prefer less extensive periods of work, or variations within your company’s alternating work anatomy. We put in just as much time and effort with reinforcing the qualification and expertise of our temporary labour force as we do with the permanent force.

Why Us?

We provide our clients with the following cost saving benefits:

✔ OnPoint Recruiting Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
✔ We cover all government liabilities (Vacation Pay, Federal Taxes, WSIB, CPP, EHT, etc.)
✔ Audit statements of WSIB/Payroll Remittance
✔ Employee screening, coupled with interviews and background checks
✔ Health & Safety Awareness Training, WHIMS tutorials for all employees
✔ No additional cost for running payroll
✔ Reduced production costs
✔ No layoff and recalls
✔ Limit employee placements based on your production requirements
✔ No advertising costs
✔ Payment terms (15 to 60 days upon credit approval)

How to Place an Order Through OnPoint Recruiting Inc.

1. Clients can request placement through our 24/7 monitored system

2. Our Human Resource Specialists then search for suitable candidates either from our in-house database system or from additional recruiting

3. Once an employee has been hired for a selected role, they are then provided with job details which include daily duties, hours and responsibility. OnPoint Recruiting Inc. will provide
appropriate training and testing before the official start date for all eligible candidates.

4. OnPoint Recruiting Inc. will confirm the employees’ arrival at the workplace on the first day.

5. OnPoint Recruiting Inc. will perform a follow up with the client during the first week to ensure that the employee is best fit for the job.

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